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Named Timezone Support in MySQL

MySQL, by default, does not “support” named timezones, therefore you could get errors similar to Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Europe/Prague'. In fact, MySQL just does not know the correct timeshift for this name and allows you to import the configuration.


Run this command, where root is the user name which has access to mysql database.

mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root mysql


For MySQL 5.7+ download zipped SQL inserts from…mezones.html and run them in context of mysql database.

For MySQL up to 5.6 download archive from…mezones.html. Unzip the archive and copy the files to your mysql database in data dir (eg. C:\<your mysql dir>\data\mysql).

Other workaround#

If there is no way how to correctly setup MySQL database, you may use timezone offset configuration, which does not require named timezones support. See DateTime TimeZones Support chapter.